English summary


United Engineers Ltd was established in 1986 and is owned by key personnel working in the company.

United Engineers Ltd employs 23 professional design, purchasing and support staff.

Our turnover in last fiscal year was approximately 2 million euros.

Our working standards meet the quality system requirements set out by The Construction Quality Associations RALA Certification. United Engineers Ltd acquired this quality certification in 2001 (earlier RAKLI-SKOL-ATL sertificate).

Our services include:

  •   Electrical design
  •   Telecommunications design
  •   Security and safety systems design
  •   Audiovisual systems design
  •   Lighting systems design
  •   Supervisory control
  •   Acceptance testing
  •   Purchasing support services
  •   Inspections and surveys
  •   Energy conservation surveys (MOTIVA)
  •   IT Consulting

Designs for:

  •   Shopping centres
  •   Office buildings
  •   Hotels
  •   Public buildings, including schools, health care, hospitals, day care centres
  •   Sports facilities
  •   Government buildings
  •   Congress centres
  •   Universities and colleges
  •   Residential buildings
  •   Industrial buildings
  •   High level security sites
  •   Auditoriums

Some of our export projects:

  •   Skanska East Europe Oy
      Recovery plant, Nurba, Russia, 24 000 m2
  •   Oy Stockmann Ab
      Extension of the Department store, Moscow, Russia, 2 100 m2
  •   Skanska East Europe Oy
      Extension of the BAT tobacco factory, St. Petersburg, Russia, 4 900 m2
  •   Quattrogemini Ltd
      Rehau, Produktionswerk Ramenskoje, Moscow, Russia, 2 600 m2
  •   YIT-Construction Ltd
      Printing House Extension, Tbilisi, Georgia, 1 600 m2
  •   JP-Terasto Oy
      Extension II, Coca-Cola, St. Petersburg, Russia, 3 500 m2
  •   Tekmanni Oy
      Gillette office and production building, working and shop drawings, St. Petersburg, Russia, 24 000 m2
  •   Skanska Oy
      Gillette office and production building, St. Petersburg, Russia, 24 000 m2
  •   ES-Projects Oy
      Chewing gum factory, working and shop drawings, St. Petersburg, Russia, 11 000 m2
  •   Arket Oy
      Renaissance/Heinz, production building, Moscow, Russia, 14 000 m2
  •   Quattrogemini
      Consulting of 110/10 kV substation, St. Petersburg, Russia
  •   Ministry for Foreign Affairs
      Residence, Kiev, Ukraine
  •   ABB-Installations Oy
      Commercial Complex Smolenskaja, Moscow, working and shop drawings, 71 000 m2
  •   Coca-Cola Sweden
      Bottling plant, Stockholm, Sweden, bid documents, 47 000m2
  •   Coca-Cola
      Latvian Office and storage building, Riga, Latvian, 6 000 m2
  •   Sfat
      Russia Railway carriage service plant, Rjazan, Russia, 2 000 m2
  •   Skanska Oy
      Commercial Complex Smolenskaja, Moscow, Russia, 71 000 m2
  •   NCC-Projects Oy
      AGA, Project Forel, gas production plant, Moscow, Russia
  •   Rakennuskunta Haka
      Helia Hotel, Budapest, Hungary, 22 000 m2
  •   Are Oy
      Moscow Circus, USSR, 22 000 m2